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Our vision

Jaap van der Weijden

The way in which I work with classic boats involves more than dedication, craftsmanship and the use of sustainable and beautiful materials.

It’s about applying these aspects in the best possible way to obtain an extraordinary end result. It then becomes a cultural tradition.

When refitting a ship I seek to preserve:

  • the authenticity and cultural value of the ship
  • the craftmanship with which it was built
  • the original material
  • the universal aesthetics
  • the harmony and proportions of the design


It’s not a miracle that water and boats are my passion and inpiration. I have always lived by the side of the Westeinderplas: a beautiful lake that is perfect for most of the watersports. As a sailer and watersports lover I’ve always spend much time refitting and building boats. Working on classic sailing yachts, and bringing back their natural beauty, became my biggest passion.

The cultural tradition of designing and building small classic wooden yachts has been established from generation to generation in only a few North-European countries.
This small scaled tradition could vanish easily if the new generation loses track of the craftmanship as we practice it these days. I cherish this traditional craft as I believe that this is what makes you enjoy looking at small classic sailing boats (and sailing them!).

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